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At Le Bihan Coffee we offer an assortment of subscriptions; coffees selected by brewing methods , a simple subscription for individual coffees and a subscription that only has blended coffees.  All subscriptions can be converted into a gift for family or friends at the checkout stage.

All our subscription  offers  include free shipping.


We roast each of our coffees individually to bring out the hidden flavours packed inside those little beans. Once a new coffee arrives we always conduct a thorough process of developing the roasting profile that best exhibits the unique flavour that’s locked inside the bean. Once we’ve found the magic formula, we then provide consistency in delivering this to you.  We carefully select and roast a range of beans from across many coffee growing regions. We explore all the different processing methods that are used in harvesting coffee throughout our range, and primarily seek to take you on a sensory journey across the coffee world.

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Our single estate coffees are each unique in the soil they are grown, and the environment and climate in which they live and grow. This leads to a wealth of flavours to be explored.  We understand therefore that in order to unlock the potential flavours that are locked up inside each coffee, requires passion and attention to detail. We roast our coffees to fully exhibit the natural flavours of each individual coffee.  We carefully select our range to provide a broad landscape across coffee growing regions, and the various processing methods that are used to create the perfect cup.

Have a look a look at the flavour characteristics of each of our coffees, and let us know which one you’d like delivered to you, and how often.


In our Blend subscription we offer three different blends;  Breton Blend (our original blend), Finistere and St. Malo which create three distinct flavours of sweetness, acidity and bitterness, to meet differing tastes, each make a perfect espresso. 

Our Breton Blend is served in several Cafe locations across South East London.  (see About Le Bihan) It’s tasty and balanced as a straight espresso, and/or works delightfully with all your milk drinks. 

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