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Kenya | 330g


Often referred to as the ‘best coffee in the world’ Kenya coffee has a strong following from the speciality  market, and rightly so. It’s high grown coffees in iron rich, red volcanic soils, temperate climate and proximity to the equator create the perfect growing environment. A well respected coffee research station, and excellent local knowledge in washing techniques, brings out the very best that Kenya has to offer. Blackcurrants, berry fruits, bright acidity and with a solid body and creamy mouthfeel makes Kenya the “go-to” coffee to add a little zing to your blend – or to enjoy as a single origin, pour over black coffee to savour.

Acacias is a selection of the best coffees from across what used to be called the Central Province. The province disappeared in 2013 when the country changed to a system of counties instead, though the Central Province is still often referred to as it had a strong reputation for quality coffee growing. Handpicked when ripe, cherry is delivered to the wet mill the same day to ensure no uncontrolled fermentation occurs, where it is sorted again and then pulped. River water is used for processing and recirculated before disposal, with the coffee being sent out to soak in tanks in what is known as the ‘Kenyan’ style – an additional 8-16 hours of soaking under clean water which helps to bring clarity to the cup and prolongs the qualities of acidity before drying under the sun. Once dried, cuppers select the specific bean size and cup attributes before bagging, or blending to ensure consistency, then passing through for the removal of parchment and bagging ready for export.


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