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Ethiopia | 330g


Ethiopia is not only the largest coffee producer in Africa, it also has the largest domestic consumption on the continent. This well-developed domestic consumption of coffee has been driven by the long history with coffee the country has: home to the famous “Kaldi”, the goat herder who supposedly first discovered coffee’s ‘caffeinated’ qualities.

The Boschessi washing station is in the West of the Guiji Zone which was formed in 2002 when the woredas of the Borena Zone were split apart to create it.The Guji zone offers a unique flavour and is very distinct from Sidamo (the previously considered sub-region).

The small farms where this coffee is grown are farming on red clay soil which is rich in minerals such as aluminium and iron. The coffee is picked at optimum ripeness and dried on raised beds for 15 – 17 days. This style of drying allows an airflow both above and below the coffee making the drying process easier and more efficient than patio drying.

The Heirloom coffee variety is a catch all term which encompasses many varieties of coffee in Ethiopia. If sweet juicy fruits are your thing – Ethiopia is the answer.


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