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Brazil | 330g


Mrs. Fatima Oliveira Bueno Alves’ family have been producing quality coffee, ever since her great-grandfather, Mr. Mario Marques Bueno, acquired his first property and began to plant and treat the first hectares. The passion for this activity has been passed from generation to generation. In 1998, Fatima along with her son Heber Bueno Alves, founded Morro Agudo, a farm located in the southern region of Minas Gerais.

Morro Agudo translates as ‘sharp/steep hill’ and fairly unsurprisingly is the main feature of the farm. Mechanical harvesting is done in the areas that it can be – Heber does not own his own so needs to rent – but given the forest and the steepness of the hill, a lot of the coffee here is harvested by hand. The small shed at the bottom of the hill by the house is where it is processed, using a beautiful old blue and brown wooden Pinhalense. Cherry is picked and laid out on the patio to dry before being hulled on site and rested in wooden lined silos traditional to Brazil. Once rested, coffee is transported to the warehouse of SMC in nearby Guaxupe where it undergoes another level of cleaning, laser colour sorting and grading before being bagged for export.


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