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local delivery

Le Bihan Coffee is delivering locally to our customers in Crystal Palace. We’re currently holding our stock at the Blowing Dandelion Chocolate Cafe on the Triangle there. If you are interested in purchasing any of our coffee’s and want them delivered to your door step, please go to our SHOP page and get a coupon code and enter it in the CART page. This will ensure you get free delivery. We have a good stock of our single farm coffees, and plenty of our Blend which is tasty through all brewing methods. We have also just roasted a limited quantity of decaffeinated Swiss Water Organic, from Guatamala which is also very tasty. We can grind the coffee for you too,  if you tell us how you make it at home.  Le Bihan Coffee are currently co-ordinating local deliveries of chocolates and cakes too with Blowing Dandelion, so feel free to add some extras to your coffee delivery!

If you prefer you can contact us   here   quoting the quantity, name of the coffee (ground or whole)and using doorstep as subject.