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Le Bihan Coffee is an independent roaster based in South London, skilfully handcrafting each coffee to ensure the unique flavours of each coffee are fully exhibited in your cup.

our coffees

Le Bihan Coffee continually tweaks the roast levels of its single estate coffee’s aiming to produce a clean, complex and consistent balance of sweetness and acidity.

Our shop at 3 Belvedere Road in Crystal Palace is open  Thurs til Sunday  10am to 6pm

A blended coffee with notes of caramel, dark chocolate, citrus and funk and bite from our Natural Ethiopia.

A natural processed coffee; bold and peachy.

A washed process with notes of dark chocolate and light citrus.

A honey processed coffee with notes of caramel, chocolate and orange.

A washed processed coffee combining notes of chocolate and pear.

A fully washed coffee with notes of green tea, candied citrus and orange jam.

A fully washed coffee with notes of mild spice, red fruits, tobacco, vanilla and cacao.

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